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F A Q s

  • What type of soap are the soaps made from?
    All our soaps are made of a glycerine base. This makes them a great humectant, that is, it attracts moisture. Because of this, these soaps draw moisture to the skin, keeping it locked in to give the skin constant hydration. This is unlike regular soaps, which dry out the skin and can make it feel tight and flaky. Glycerin soap keeps the skin hydrated after use for several hours.
  • Is the glitter in some soaps safe to wash down the drain?
    Absolutety! We use a biodegradable naturally derived mica-based glitter. It is 100% plastic free and a great eco-friendly addition in our soaps!
  • Why are the soaps fragrance free?
    We keep our soaps frangrance free to keep them as easy on sensitive skin as possible. No essential oils to dry out your skin!
  • From what age can you use the soaps?
    Our soaps are for those aged three and upwards.
  • How long is the soaps shelf life?
    All our soaps are wrapped up in food grade, compostable wrap. Kept in the wrappings you can keep them in a cool dark place for as long as you like. Once unwrapped please use it within six months.
  • How do I get free delivery?
    Once you spend £35 or more free delivery is automatically added when you check out.
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