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Our Story

Launched at the beginning of 2021, the inspiration for Handmade by Tink was definitely Covid-19 related. With lots of small family and friends needing that extra fun boost to get washing hands properly. Every sink across three households (just our family!) had their very own toy soap to get washed out… with phone calls each time a leg or fin started popping out! The excitement levels didn’t seem to be dipping anytime soon so Handmade by Tink was launched to help a wider audience wash with great enthusiasm.


With such a simple concept… ‘the more you wash, the quicker you get the toy’… a new revolution of soaps was born! 


All our soaps are individually made, then hand wrapped in a clear bio-based film. Made from sustainable woodpulp the wrappings can be either composted (both home and kerbside) or recycled. Additionally, the sellotape used to secure the wrappings is a plant-based sellotape and is also recyclable. 





What’s in our soaps?


Our soaps are designed to be as soft and friendly for skin as possible. They are fragrance free, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) free and vegan friendly. Some of our soaps have mica-based biodegradable glitter and minimal amounts of soap dye. Great for kids, big kids and even grown ups!


They are made with a glycerine base which is known to be a great humectant, that is, it attracts moisture. Because of this, these soaps draw moisture to the skin, keeping it locked in to give the skin constant hydration. This is unlike regular soaps, which can dry out the skin and make it feel tight and flaky. Glycerin soap keeps the skin hydrated after use for several hours.

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